VOID Sistemas is a Spanish company based in Madrid, founded in 1996 as a provider of technology and innovation, which is focused on the development, service provision and selling telephone control, communications recording and alerting systems for all control and management staff in the corporate area, public administration and security environment.

Our systems record more than 100,000 lines and 600,000 million calls per year, aiming for a stable and sustained growth in both production and results.

With a growth of more than 50% annually, we are allowed to consolidate ourselves as one of the main suppliers of technology, collaborate with other manufacturers, strengthen our distribution channel and constantly improve our human and technical resources, always seeking quality improvement in our products, services and customer support.

We are present in different regions of the EU, LATAM and the Middle East, where we develop different telephone control projects. In addition, we have a network of certified partners that allows us to carry out our client's projects all over the world.

Our experience, specialization and versatility have enabled us to grow progressively and maintain a commercial portfolio with clients from several business areas: security, call center, corporations industry, financial, media, energy and many others.






  • 1996:

    Start of commercial activity

  • 1997:

    Neptuno BAX, first Win32 tariff system.

  • 1998:

    ZEUX GRAB, first multi-channel audio recording system

  • 2000:

    AURALL, Communications recording systems

  • 2002:

    ZEUX TEM, communications control platform

  • 2007:

    ISO 9001, quality certification

  • 2008:

    AURALL Office, TDM recording for SMEs.

  • 2009:

    Start of commercial activity and international projects.

  • 2010:

    AURALL Mobile, mobile phone recording system.

  • 2011:

    ALERT24, Solution for crisis management and alert notifications.

  • 2012:

    AURALL Xtation, TDM / IP / cellular recording for SMEs

  • 2013:

    ALERT24.net, crisis management in the cloud.

  • 2014:

    AURALL SERVER Version 7, cross-platform, high availability.

  • 2015:

    ZEUX Smart, advanced management and analysis of voice communications

  • 2016:

    ALERT24 AM Alert management, IM Incident management, EM emergency management.





Main lines of business



    AURALL is the perfect solution for its cost and telephone recording functionalities in professional environments (telemarketing, banking, insurance, stock market, emergencies, security, control centers, etc).

    It enables the integration of voice recording with other systems through a platform supported with multiple telephone exchanges, analogue and/or ISDN telephone links (BRI, E1). Multiple recording methods are offered: continuous, planned, on-demand and CTI.

  • ZEUX:


    ZEUX is an information system for charging (CDR), management of telephone billing (electronic invoice file) and telephone control, oriented to medium and large companies, public administration and call center.

    It can be used for one or more telephone exchange networks and multiple voice and data operators. ZEUX works through a comprehensive web reporting system.

  • ALERT24:


    ALERT24 is a system for the management of emergency, backup or evacuation plans and coordination of multichannel alerts, valid for any business or security environment.

    It automates the issuance, monitoring alerts on crisis related events issued through open technology to integrate with any telephony, messaging or device signal platform.

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